Historically, our engineering work for the major players in French sugar production is the basis of IPSB activity in this sector. Today, IPSB teams have expertise in this field available recognized by operators in beet, cane and grain transformation. sucres-pano


Our activities concern:

  • Sugar production processes for the mass market
  • Sugar production processes for food and non-food industries
  • Valorization of process by-products (pulps, molasses, proteins, vinasses, etc.)

Our expertise focuses on:

  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Increasing production performance
  • Renovating workshops
  • Designing installations adapted to client needs and requirements (ease of operation, maintenance, extensibility, etc.)


Our strong points are:

  • Knowledge of products and manufacturing intermediaries
  • Hands-on expertise in carrying out audits and analyses, and in communicating with plant operators
  • Mastery of operating constraints
  • Access to diagnostic assistance software developed in-house for carrying out plant balances (mass and thermal) adapted to the processes employed
  • Knowledge of unitary operations, from reception of raw materials to packaging, storage and shipment of finished products
Our missions range from specific audits, to monitoring plant performance, to project management for building new, fully-equipped workshops.

We are active in the following geographical regions:

  • North and West Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Senegal and Ivory Coast)
  • Eastern Europe (Ukraine and Romania)
  • the Middle East (Turkey, Syria and Iran)
  • France
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