Agro industry

IPSB offers you the benefit of nearly 20 years’ experience in beet, cane and grain transformation. Auditing sites, revamping installations, extending workshops and building new industrial plants are among the missions to which our experts and engineers bring added value.     illu_agroindustries
A significant part of our activity focuses on the rapidly developing Agro-Industries sector, with its new market opportunities and its orientation towards environmentally friendly production.
The agro-resources (beets, sugar cane, grains, potatoes) used in our processes are intended for  fractionation and to be transformed and upgraded into food and non-food products. In this context, IPSB offers you its know-how in the following sectors:
  • Sugars
  • Beverage alcohol and biofuels
  • Biomass energy valorization
  • Grain transformation
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