Biomass Energy Valorization

Biomass valorization: an environmental necessity and an economic opportunity.
As biomass can provide energy in a variety forms (heat, electricity, gaseous fuel), industries seeking out our services are usually heavy energy consumers.

Biomass Energy Valorization Biomass Energy Valorization Biomass Energy Valorization
Our activity in this field concerns two of three principal process types used for converting biomass to energy:
  • Thermochemical processes: combustion, cogeneration
  • Biological processes: fermentation, methanization.
In recent years, IPSB has assisted several of its clients in design studies and in the construction of installations in the above area.

IPSB expertise covers:
  • Overall production unit engineering
  • Biomass packaging, preparation and handling
  • Mastery of process technologies
  • Management of interfaces and integration of technological packages
  • Optimization of the distribution of energy produced in energy-consuming processes
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