In recent years, the IPSB teams have developed partnerships with European glucose and starch producers to provide assistance in the optimization, development (production capacity extension) and diversification (new products) projects. 
These partnerships, in conjunction with our involvement in grain-based biofuel production projects, have stimulated our interest in grain fractionation and transformation processes. As a result, we have conducted studies for implementing high-capacity units with a raw material flow rate of 300 t/h. Today, IPSB teams, capitalizing on their experience, offer engineering services for industrial units in the following sectors:
  • Grain unloading and storage
  • Cleaning and wet and dry fractionation methods
  • Fraction (starch, gluten, etc.) liquefaction and hydrolysis
  • Purification of molecules of interest (liquid/solid separations, membrane filtration, ion exchanges, chromatography, etc.)
  • Product and by-product concentration and drying (atomization, ring dryer, etc.)
  • Bulk storage (liquids and solids) of finished products
  • Shipping stations (bulk loading, truck/wagon)
  • Packaging workshops
  • Functionalization units for primary products (hydrogenation, acetylation, etc.)

In addition, IPSB can support you in the design and construction of buildings that house these industrial units. Depending on the destination of the finished product (agro-food, baby food, pharmaceutical industries, etc.), building design may also require our expertise in the control of aseptic conditions.
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