Construction supervision and follow-up

Through all phases of construction, from setting up the site’s living quarters to acceptance of work, you will find the right people at IPSB to support you.


Depending on the size of your project, IPSB will dedicate a Construction Manager who may be assisted by construction engineers.

During the design phase of the project, IPSB integrates various provisions to ensure the construction site progresses properly: dimensioning of the living quarters, studies of site traffic, evolution plans of the construction site, interactions with plant organization for the extension or revamping projects, etc.

The Construction Manager, primary contact for everyone involved in the construction, oversees the organization of the site and coordinates the activities of all involved.

Ensuring safety is one of the major objectives. The Construction Manager collaborates closely both with client QHSE departments and outside firms to ensure compliance with safety coordination and health protection requirements.

Construction supervision and follow-up

By constantly updating the construction site follow-up schedule, the Construction Manager also ensures that construction deadlines are respected In collaboration with the Project Director, the Construction Manager is the guarantor of the overall schedule of the project.

Throughout construction follow-up and during certain critical project phases, the Construction Manager is supported by the Design Department and relies on the assistance of specialized engineers.

At the completion of the construction work, the Construction Manager, along with the Project Owner, oversees official acceptance of the work and ensures follow-up until all requirements have been met.