Alcohols and biofuels

Our knowledge of sugar and starch processes, expertise in biotechnologies and mastery of engineering have led us to support our clients in their development and their diversification into new markets for alcohol and bioethanol production. Alcool-pano

Alcohols and biofuels
Today, with some 15 years’ experience, IPSB teams offer their clients a wide range of services for studying, building and optimizing potable alcohol and biofuel production installations starting with the fermentable sugar and starch raw materials from beet, cane and grain biorefineries.

IPSB, with numerous client references in alcohol production, is the preferred engineering firm of one of the European leaders in this sector and has provided it with project owner assistance from the master plan to the commissioning of all of its production lines. In addition to 1st generation alcohol, IPSB was early on interested in 2nd generation biofuels and thus carried out studies on, as well as managed, the first French project intended to market an innovative process of lignocellulose biomass-based bioethanol production.
Alcohols and biofuels Alcohols and biofuels

Whether providing assistance to the project owner or overall project management, IPSB will help you design and integrate the best technologies to implement energy efficient, environmentally friendly production units.

And beyond the main production line (e.g., preparation of raw materials, alcoholic fermentation, distillation, alcohol rectification and dehydration), IPSB offers you its expertise in the following areas:
  • Alcohol storage, denaturation and shipment (truck/wagon loading stations)
  • By-product valorization processes (vinasses, DDGS, etc.)
  • Energy coupling optimization
  • Water recycling
  • Implementation of the Best Available Techniques (BAT) to limit environmental impact
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