Bio industry

At IPSB, during all phases of development of your process, from pilot to industrial scale, you will find the appropriate advisors to assist you in the successful realization of your project. bio-pano
Particularly noteworthy is our experience in designing industrial fermentation units and our know-how integrating finished product separation and purification units (Downstream Processing).

Bio industry
On the basis of laboratory and/or pilot phase results, we will assist you in scaling up and dimensioning your industrial units including:
  • Installations for the implementation of raw materials and the preparation of culture media
  • Culture media batch or continuous sterilization units
  • Batch and/or fed batch sterile fermenter lines (up to 350 m3 in aerated and stirred media)
  • Bioconversion reactor and enzymatic hydrolysis

For your purification units, the expertise and versatility of our engineers, in conjunction with knowledge gained from our extensive experience on similar projects, provide an indisputable advantage that enables ISPB, as an ideal partner, to assist you in:
  • Defining needs
  • Screening the technologies and technical solutions possible
  • Pre-dimensioning and drafting technical specifications
  • Integrating equipment and managing interfaces

Our expertise covers the majority of process engineering unitary operations devoted to biomolecule separation and concentration, such as:
  • Centrifugation, decantation and filtration
  • Membrane technologies (ultrafiltration, microfiltration, reverse osmosis, electrodialysis, etc.)
  • Crystallization
  • Evaporation
  • Drying (atomization, fluidized bed, rotating drum, etc.)
Bio industry
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