Process expertise

Our process audit activities focus on the following issues:

  • Obtaining energy efficiency
  • Positioning technologies in relation to BAT (Best Available Technologies)
  • Analyzing process risks
  • Extrapolating processes
  • Reducing environmental impact (optimization of water consumption, management and treatment of waste, etc.)

Our experts are either former plant operators with 10 -15 years’ experience in our client activity sectors, or engineers with a background in research and development.

In the area of energy efficiency, we carry out approximately fifteen missions per year in the sugar and related sectors (e.g., pulp dehydration).

Our knowledge of unitary operation extrapolation rules and our technology transfer know-how permits us to contribute to innovative projects (FUTUROL Project, PIVERT Project, BIODEMO Project, etc.).

Our Industrial Risks Department has developed its expertise working on Seveso sites alongside recognized experts (e.g., INERIS) and relies on in-house competence to recommend viable safety solutions.